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Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 3

So we have officially outgrown our newborn clothing and the great swaddles provided by the hospital. that didn't take very long at all. We are pushing the 0-3 month clothing and really should be wearing our 3-6 month outfits.
Nights have been interesting. Vallyn isn't really enjoying sleeping at night. The last 2 nights we have switched from making him be swaddled and using a fleece jumper with sleeves. He has slept good the last 2 nights in the jumper and hopefully all he wanted was free arms. At least for the last 2 nights we've just gotten up for the 2-3 feedings and then gone back to sleep. Cross your fingers that this is just the start of good sleeping.

We are going to visit our daycare on Wednesday to meet and greet everyone. Apparently they give us 2 -2hr sessions for free before we start going everyday so that Vallyn cane get used to being there and meet everyone. I think that's a great idea. Plus it will give us a chance to go grocery shopping. We are currently still living on the food my mom bought when she was up here a couple weeks ago. It's starting to look really empty in the house.

Caught Twister cuddling up with the baby. Hard to get photos of Twister, she's camera shy. Evie has been bringing him toys when he's crying to try and make him happy (it doesn't work) but is awful cute.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

2 Weeks Old

Happy 2 week birthday Vallyn!!

Sleepy little baby, hope you nap good when sleeping with daddy on the couch.

Back from our 2 week checkup with our pediatrician. Everything is looking good, and we are told we have a very well behaved and healthy baby. Perfectly symmetrical, everything is in the 60 percentile, head/weight/height. Surprised there were no shots at this visit. We are all good to go until the middle of December for a 2 month check-up, that's when we get all shot up.
Everything seems to be going well so far. We are still working on that whole sleeping at night thing, but we can generally make it 4-5 hours with 1 feeding before we wake up and are up for the rest of the night. Looking forward to that resolving soon as I would like to get a little bit of sleep in, but it's fine for now.
The puppies are taking it to be there personal job to safe guard the little guy. Every little noise, they come running to check him out and make sure it's all okay. Actually right now Evie and Twister are cuddled up next to Vallyn on the couch. Happy little family.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby Vallyn Has Arrived

Welcome to the world.
Vallyn Havok Ott
9 lbs 2 oz
21 1/2" long
35" head circumference
7:55 pm 10-13-11

Had to photograph the scale in case someone didn't believe us :)

Daddy giving Baby Vallyn his 1st bath. We actually like getting our head scrubbed up and washed. Must be a water baby.

Trip home on Sunday. First time trying out the car seat. Actually went very well and we really liked the drive home. Bumpy roads are our friends.
What a big world it is out there. Vallyn couldn't decide if he wanted to be scared or ready to take on the world. There was no crying though, so I'm going with him thinking he is king of the world.

 So after a week and a half of steady contractions at 2 mins apart, we got admitted to the birth center Thursday morning at 6am to try induction. We had an ultrasound on Monday that said the baby was 8 lbs 15 oz, but those can be off by a pound in either direction. Regardless, we started the pitocin at 6:30 am and got our water broke shortly after. It didn't take too long after that before I needed the epidural to help with controlling my pain. After that happened, I was in happy land and was basically pain free.
However, it became obvious that no matter how bad of contractions I was having (and they were pretty high on the chart, we got the intensity measured by an internal monitor) our little baby was not coming out through the normal means and had to proceed with plan B.
At 7pm, we started the c-section. I am told that everything was very large. The baby was large, the placenta was twice the size of a normal one, the cord had to get a different tool to be cut with as the normal cutter wouldn't do it. And the doctor, who is 5'9, had to get a stool to be able to get tall enough to get Vallyn out. Anyways, it was a good thing we went c-section because his head is too large to fit thru the birth canal and he wasn't going to be able to come on his own. Good thing we live in the modern days, if I had this baby back in the day, I would have died in childbirth
 The downside of a big baby, is a hard c-section. I will spare everyone the details :)
so at 7:55pm Vallyn joined us in the world and Daddy took him to meet the grandparents.
About 10:15ish Mommy was awake and was ready to watch Vallyn get his 1st bath.

We are now at home and watching the big sisters Twister and Evie sniff and welcome their little brother. For the most part, the puppies don't seem to mind Vallyn. They do come running over when he makes noises just to check on him and make sure everything is ok. They look like they are going to be great friends.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ohh a Slow Labor

So here we are. Day 3 of contractions.
Day one wasn't too bad, they were monitored at a steady 5 mins apart. I got sent home to progress on my own and come back the next day.
So Tuesday, day 2, much more painful and constant contractions. Monitored at 2 minutes apart very consistently. Still not dilated enough though. They say the baby itsn't in distress and they would prefer me to just keep progressing at my slow pace and aren't going to intervene to help speed things up until absolutely needed.
So Wednesday, day 3. Still at the same pace. Having a hard time moving, but I am not going back to get monitored today. I'm getting sick of going for an hour, them telling me, yup you are having steady painful contractions that in a normal person should have resulted in a baby by now, but you are weird and your body doesn't want to cooperate. Thanks worthless doctor, I'll just lay here with contractions every 2 minutes for another day again.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches to the nursery. Some awesome shelves are now in place over the changing table. (side note, they are straigher then photoed so they will actually hold stuff. Levi's only got the top hook on the screw in the photo.)
The closet is officially attached to the wall, so you can pull as much as you want, you are not budging that bad boy.
The stuffed animal hammock is officially hung and filled.

And yes I gave in and there are even star wars planes hanging from the ceiling. (only 2 of them though)

Baby Twister is ready for feeding time. She looks really excited and I bet her favorite place will be around the high chair once the baby starts eating/throwing real food.
Ohh the never stopping to grow belly. 19 days left (in theory), I believe I personally am not supposed to get any bigger, just the baby is supposed to grow now.
I've been told it looks like I dropped again. So the 2nd stage in dropping. I don't know, whatever. I guess I see it everyday so I don't notice little changes.

News from the Dr appointment on Friday. He said it looks like anyday now we will have our little baby. He said not to count on making it to October, but we will see how it goes.
Last Chiropractor appointment today before delivery. He just wanted to double check everything was still in line. I have to say, he waaayyyy doesn't charge enough. Got the bill for the other appointments. It's only $35 a visit. Compared to like the hundreds of dollars a visit the other doctors charge, I feel like I'm getting some great bargain with the chiropractor. Granted insurance is paying for everything at this point, but still that seems very low priced :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nursery Photos

So this is our awesome adjustable height crib. Levi picked out the breathable mesh jungle bumper.
I just have to say, it's really hard to put decals on the wall in a straight line. That is my 3rd attempt and I think it still needs some work. I may have to string a line across the wall to have some sort of reference :)

Chalkboard Wall. Works awesome. Side note, need to buy dust free chalk and an eraser next time I go to the store, look at that pile of white dust I made on the floor. Whoops, will have to clean that up.
And I need some sort of curtain time backs :)
 Closet full of clothing. Yes we already need to get that additional closet of drawers I was thinking about. We are okay for now, but next time we are down in IKEA, I"ll have to get it before they stop making stuff in this great green color.
Note stack of diapers piled up against the closet :)

Room Guardian Moo. Usually she is lurking under the changing table, but she took some time out to investigate the jungle carpet and make an appearance.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

36ish weeks in

I am beginning to think I'm not going to make the full 40 weeks. I have a hard time envisioning another 3 1/2 weeks. Ohhhh
Monday was spent at home laying in bed nurseing some bad stomach pains, luckily they only lasted a few hours but still that is too much to not result in anything. Comfort is gone. I'm lucky if I can stay in one position for 10 mins before having to readjust.
And okay I look huge, well at least that is what everyone says. Some lady stopped us when we were grocery shopping on Saturday and was like, wow you totally look like you are going to pop. Here is my question, why would you say that to someone? A lady who was behind her came up to me and was like, wow that was rude. I really didn't care but I totally don't understand the need to randomly stop people as they walk by to tell them stuff. If you don't know somebody, you don't need to talk to them. Like I really value your worthless opinion random person walking around the grocery store.
In other news the nursery is basically done. The chalkboard wall is up. That reminds me, we need to test it out before calling it a day to make sure it doesn't need any more coats of paint. Maybe I'll do that tonight. As long as that is fine, all we need to do is final decoration touches. Some wall decals, stuffed animal hammock, Levi is apparently going to be hanging star wars planes from the ceiling... I'll have to get some photos taken once I put up the decals.
So I'm sitting here eating a Pear, I've been like non-stop eating. Hoping I won't get another lecture from the Dr about losing weight. It's not like I'm doing it on purpose. All I do is eat. The baby just wants to be a chubby little thing when it comes out, so it's zapping all the nutrition right up :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Last Ultrasound!

Here it is. The last ultrasound photo before we get to see the baby in real life. So at almost 36 weeks, we are measuring like a 39 week old. We are also already at 7lbs (see chubby checks above). So that newborn clothing we have will probably fit for like a minute or so. They say the baby gains 1/2lb per week from now until delivery, soooo 4 more weeks until the official date = 2 more pounds.
I do have to say, it looks like the baby has inherited my unwanting to be in photos. The whole ultrasound we alternated from having the hand over the face to the whole arm. So in the photo above it has it's face smashed into its arm. The US tech was surprised because the baby was moving sooooo much but still managed to keep it's face covered. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

35 weeks in, 5 to go

5 weeks left. Whoohooo. I am sooo ready to have this little baby out.
Everyone keeps asking when I'm going and thinks I'm going early. I think the current bets are Sept 27th (the next full moon) and the 17th. Most people actually think I'm not coming back from my Ultrasound on Thursday. I'm going to go in, they are going to see it's a huge baby and do a c-section the same day. hehe, I guess we will see.
This last week was a hard one. I have a cold, and spent the majority of friday laying in bed with an ice pack and apple juice trying to get a break in my fever. If it hadn't gone down, I was going to have to go to the hospital because having a fever over 100 for any length of time is bad. Luckly it broke by the end of the day. I still stayed in bed sleeping until like 5 in the afternoon though. Still having a cough and congestion today.
I'm also told by Levi that once you become pregnant, everything that happens to your body is free game to be talked about with everyone. Like do people really need to know how dialated I am, or how effaced I am? To me, that is not something that anyone needs to know, but apparently I'm the only one that thinks that.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Shower Photos

A couple photos from the baby shower. This is one of me measuring the baby bump in toilet paper. Everyone got to guess and I walked around trying on their guesses. Apparently I look huge because most guesses I could wrap around my stomach more than just once! There were a few people that were very close.
Levi played the safe route and decided to only use 2 sheets of paper. Smart thinking, better wayyyyy undershoot it than go over! (and yes I'm talking to you Jeff who had the longest paper that literally went around me twice)

Slacker boys sat around and played cards instead of joining in on our games. I guess they have to have their own game, not all guys are down with attending a baby shower :) Thanks for coming anyways peeps

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Shower Fun

Saturday was the long awaited Baby Shower. Look at this sign, couldn't miss the place if you tried. Thank you everyone that came. We greatly appreciate all the gifts and the money that was donated to our daycare/diaper fund :) Now to put stuff together and get the nursey all finished, after all it's getting time to be ready for the new arrival!

It was hard to get photos of the actual event since I was involved in all the games and such, but I'm told there were photos taken, I will try to get them and put some up. In the mean time, look at the cute cheese tray I got from work. Cheddar ducks were tasty :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

32 weeks

It's a milestone. Apparently now if the baby comes early it's not a big deal and it's all set to survive outside the womb. Good to know.
Had our weekly checkup with the Dr today. Everything looks on track.
The nurse said she thinks we are having a boy because it wouldn't cooperate with getting it's heartrate checked again. so that's 2 times now it's moved away from the dopplar. hehe

Baby shower presents are coming in the mail. It's exciting to have presents in the house. I'm not opening them, but I want to :) Official shower is on Saturday and I am very excited. I ordered some cheese and sausage trays from my company and they asked if I wanted them decorated for the shower. I was like sure! No clue how they decorate cheese, so will just have to wait and see what they look like now. I"m told for graduation trays they make little diplomas and hats out of cheese, so who knows what we will get!

And I'm off to Chicago for a work conference for the next few days. I don't really want to drive down there, but hey who can say no to a free conference and a classy hotel room on the Maginficent Mile? Thank you company, I will try and max out my daily food allowance and try to be comfortable at my over $200 a night hotel room.

Monday, August 15, 2011

60ish Days and Counting

 So Last week ended nicely. My coworkers surprised me with a baby shower, which was very nice and totally unexpected.
Pizza, salad, of course Cheese and Sausage Trays and then these super cute cupcakes with sucker handles. (they were sooo tasty) I ate way too much food and I'm sure it all went to the baby, so lets see how big we can make it!

Let's not forget the great presents. The Homemade quilt, the diaper genie, lots of cute outfits and toys just to name a few. We had to really condense down the bags to get them to fit in my car.
I did find it odd that all the clothing was for 6 month old babies so I asked why, because I guess I was expecting a bunch of newborn clothing. No one here thinks I'm going to have a baby that fits into new born clothing. Hahahaha, that's what I get for asking.

And the belly for the start of the week. Still just as large as ever. I do find I have a little waddle now and am getting myself stuck when I sit on the floor. I kinda feel like a turtle trying to get up by myself. Luckly most of the time Levi is there to pull me up.

Had another visit with the chiropractor who said I'm all nicely aligned now. He wants to check it out towards the end of Sept just to double check before the baby comes, but it looks good. Also I was convinced by my mother that I was developing a hump on my back, the chiropractor said he perfers to deal with real problems instead of imaginary concerns so to tell my mother she's crazy (ok, he totally did not say that, but I think he would have if he wasn't so professional)

What else happened? Oh I was advised that it is inproper and basically insulting to open baby presents that come in the mail before the shower, so I will no longer be doing that. So anyone that sends anything, it will sit unopened in a pile to be opened with witnesses at the appropriate time. Sorry if I insulted anyone, I like opening stuff :) It won't happen again, probably...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Scheduling my Life away

Back form my biweekly Dr appointment. Scheduled the rest of my appointments. I'm now all booked up until October 14th. It seems like there is something like every week. That's probably because starting in September I go every week :)
I talked the Dr into only one more Ultrasound to check the size of the baby. She wanted to do 2 more, but really, I think I've had enough of them. Don't want to turn our baby into some 3 armed creature just to double check the size. So the LAST ultrasound is scheduled for 9/15. I'm sure it will show a perfectly healthy, normal sized little squash.
Presents are starting to come in the mail for the baby shower. I really like coming home from work and seeing boxes sitting out in front of our door. Yay to presents!!! I couldn't decide if I was allowed to open them before the shower or if we should wait, so we just opened them. hehehe

That's it for this week. Recovering from Ottaplosia where I managed to get a 3rd degree sunburn on my leg. Blast driving in a car without doors. I forgot that you then need to put sunblock on when driving!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 weeks

This week so far has been eventful.

Went and got my updated drivers license. I am now good for like 8 years. I'm glad they sent me a reminder, I totally never would have noticed it expired. however, I think that was my 1st bad photo. Typically I've been fine with my license photos, this one not so much.
I also fully appreciated the lady telling me I looked huge and her daughter was due in a week and didn't look as big. Really? Well thanks for letting me know.

Yesterday I made my first ever visit to a Chiropractor. I was a bit nervous and didn't know what to expect. Turns out it wasn't too bad. Having some random person pop stuff around in your neck and upper back is weird though.

We also had our last craft fair before the baby comes over the weekend. It was hot and muggy and I think I looked miserable and scared people away. I just gave up and moved my chair to under the trees where there was some breeze and chilled there the rest of the day. I'm glad that's the last one for a while.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

That's One Big Baby!

Ohh never the words you want to hear the ultrasound tech udder as he is measuring. Then he asked if I was sure about how far along we are. hehe, must be thinking we are further along than we are. In fact all of the points that were measured, measured closer to 32 weeks than the just shy of 29 weeks we were supposed to be at. Am I surprised? Not really.
The doctor was funny, she was like, you aren't a short person, neither is your husband, so you shouldn't expect to have a short baby. Valid point.

So the baby is 3 lbs 11 oz today. We are in the 85th percential for weight. You know some people have to have bigger babies and some people have to have smaller babies to get that whole percential scale. I'm told the test is accurate up to 10%. We are going to have another scan at the end of September to double check the size of the baby.
The c-section option was brought up if the baby gets too big. To be readdressed at the end of Sept.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trimester 3

So here we are entering the 3rd Trimester. The rest is all the downhill slide to October.
Diabetes testing at the doctors office today was fun, if your definition of fun is sitting around for an hour not doing anything waiting in a chair. But the good news is we passed. So that's one hurdle down.
I did actually put on a little weight, so now I'm up 5 lbs. I was actually surprised since the nausea is still there and coming back strong.
The belly is measuring large this week. We are at 31 cm instead of the suggested size of 28sm. Oh wel, what can you do :) I cut my head off in the photo because I was making a weird face and I didn't want to retake the photo.
The doctor I was supposed to see is actually out on Maternity leave, hehe, so I went to a Midwife since I was already there. Let me tell you, I thought the lady was a quack, and that is my professional opinion. I guess I see how the extra education required to be a doctor is worth it. Her response to everything was, ohh you'll have to ask your doctor and I don't know. I guess you can see a midwife only if you have a very normal, non-problematic pregnancy because anything more than that and they are over their heads. So take me off that list. I made a point to schedule with an actual doctor for my next appointment in two weeks.

In other news, baby names have been chosen for either a boy or a girl. Now that I've told you that, I bet you are thinking, okay what are the names.... You will have to wait and see. We aren't sharing. It's not that I don't value everyone insights and opinions on the names.... wait, nope that's exactly what it is. We thought long and hard and debated and have selected. I don't care if you had a great aunt/uncle, 3rd cousin twice removed that knew someone named that back in the day and didn't like them. If that is the case and we name the baby that, you will just need to suck it up and never discuss it with us after the fact. If you don't like the names, we don't ever need to know about it :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Class, Painting and the Ever Growing Belly :)

Painting went well. I was a little worried about the yellow color I choose not going with the green furniture, but it seems to look good. I am actually really happy with the color and it makes the baby room look so much brighter and bigger. I actually didn't realize how dark the other paint was that was in there until I saw the primer on the wall and not the ceiling.
That white wall behind Carol is going to be the chalkboard wall. It is going to be black, but hopefully since it's under all the windows, the room won't get too dark from the black paint.

I felt a bit guilty just standing around and not painting. I know I"m on doctors orders not to exert myself and to limit activity, but I still feel like a lazy bum when other people are doing a bunch of work for me and I'm just sitting there watching. 

We had a full day of baby class on Saturday. Here's the thing, I kinda wanted to sneak out at lunch and not go back. sooooo bad I know. I don't feel like I really learned anything aside from Levi will get to eat for free while I'm in the hospital. I think Levi got some information out of it though, maybe.
 The class was very biased towards the Catholic views, ok yes it's a Catholic hospital, but you would think it would be an unbiased class. Whatever :)
What I did learn is that I am HUGE!!! We got partnered with another couple in the class and she was due in 3 weeks and I was literally the same size if not bigger. In fact, everyone was due way before me and I fit right in. Is our baby just going to be huge? Maybe really tall. Who knows. I can tell you that no one believed I was due the middle of October

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Shower Invitations Out

So the date of the Baby Shower is official and invitations have been sent out in the mail.
I just got my first glance at the invitations on Sunday. August 27th looks promising and fun! I like that spouses and children can come.
It sounds like we are going to try and do another family reunion style event at the shower like we did at our wedding. It will be interesting if the extended family on my side decides to come down. I have a feeling it will be either all or none :) You are all welcome to attend!!!

My boss at work is being funny. I guess there is a conference in Chicago she wants me to go to at the end of August, but she's unsure if I'll actually be still at work and not on bed rest at the time, so it's hard to make a decision to send me or not. My response I guess didn't help, I told her to just book it and if something happens that someone else from our office can go. There are other people that would benefit from the conference :)

And in other news, we are officially actually painting the nursery this weekend. And by we, I mean Levi's parents. Levi and I have baby class all day on Saturday, so his parents are coming out to paint the room and have the fumes all vented out before we get back. I will be curious to see the final product. You know when you choose a paint color off a swatch, it never looks exactly the same once it's on the walls.... And I'm very excited about the chalkboard wall. Not sure if it is still going to be a magnetic chalkboard wall or just chalkboard. But either way, I think it will be a fun addition. Soooo excited they are willing to help out with this stuff. I know we've had the primer for the wall for like a month and literally have not done anything with it. So they are really making sure we have a space ready for the baby :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

6 months in

6 months, feels like it should be a huge accomplishment to be celebrated with something. I"m thinking a nap when I finally get to leave work. 4 day weeks are nice, but getting up early isn't.

I am feeling very tired today so all you get is a belly photo.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 23

Allergies are kicking in and my eyes are watering, sneezing galore and no medicine can be taken. Glasses will be worn for awhile now, b/c contacts just seem like a bad idea.
To add to that, it feels like I ran a marathon.I feel sooo sore today. Just getting up out of my desk chair seems to be a monumental accomplishment. I had a hard time getting myself out of bed. I was laying there thinking, I don't need to work. But then the dogs started barking and I took that as a sign to get up.
I totally forgot about taking pictures of my funny maternity shirts. I will have to do that later.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The belly still grows :)

Not much news this week.
I got some cute maternity shirts, I'll have to take photos and put up next posting. Everyone at the Dairy Breakfast seemed to like the Hands Off the Belly one :)

I think we are starting to paint the baby room next weekend, I could be wrong.
We haven't actually gotten the trim we need to finish the new flooring yet, so will have to stop by the store on the way home from the craft fair we are doing on Saturday and get what we need.
I got some cute alphabet wall decals to put up on the walls instead of us painting little critters. Save myself some hassle there, plus I started thinking about all the paint colors we would need to do my previous plan and holy cow that started to add up. At least this way, I won't be sad when the baby is a couple years old and wants to paint over my artwork.

I measured my stomach this morning just to get a gage for everyone.
It is officially 13" larger than pre-pregnancy size.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week 20, 1/2 way there!

So a whole assortment of Ultrasound photos for the 20 week measuring session.

Baby measures 16.8 cm long. 15 oz and has a 162 heartbeat.
Body measurements are between 21 and 23 weeks along. Slightly longer arms, so the baby gets to inherit my monkey arms.

The 1st photo was our try at a 3D photo. It was at the end of the US visit and the baby had gotten pissed off at the tech, rolled over and refused to move, so you can kinda make out the crunched in there baby, but you have to stare for a while. I had a couple other photos, but that was the most clear one.

We don't know the gendor. Although I still say boy but I literally have nothing to back that up with and really don't care either way. I personally couldn't tell by looking at the US, but the tech knew.

And somehow I have permanently switched Dr's. Mine has been on vacation so I've been seeing someone else. Well they just went ahead and kept all my future appointments with him since officially I've seen him more than I have the other Dr. It doesn't really matter, and they were both very friendly.
The next appointment isn't for a while. July 14th.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Starting Room Construction

The flooring has been bought. The start of demolition on the old guest room has now begun. Old carpet pulled up. (side note: 3/4" pad and 1" thick carpet really defeats the purpose of radiant heating)
Sunday was spent listening to Roger curse at our floor as he was laying down the new flooring. (apparently he needed supervision, or at least Twister thought she was the site foreman and kept a close eye on everything to make sure it was being done to code) The phrase they don't make it like they used to would almost be true, if they ever actually made it like this. The person who made our house was clearly on crack or something, because it seems like nothing is done how it should be. Different doesn't mean bad. It's a wacky, yet sturdy construction.
So flooring in, we need to get trim for the edges and the door and the floor will be complete.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Shopping Trip Done

Alright an eventful shopping trip. Like 5 hours at IKEA but we accomplished alot I think.

Big ticket items bought:
Crib and mattress
Changing Table
Closet/dresser comno
Bench with pull out toy storage box
2 Shelves for the wall
Small Area Rug

The closet/dresser combo was the hardest part. Each piece got bought individually, so we could arrange it however we wanted to with limitless options it seemed.

So that's it for big purchases for now.
Relying on the friends and family for the other mandatory larger items at the baby shower. Stroller, car seat, high chair, pack&play :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week 18

Spent a few days home from work last week. It was nice. I wish I could stay home all the time, it's nice not dealing with the vendors on a daily basis.

So I met a different Doctor in my clinic this week. He was very friendly, and since he is one of the on call Dr's at the hospital, it's good to meet him and see someone else who could potentially be delivering the baby.
Additionally I have lost some weight, so am back to pre-pregancy weight. I'm not sure how that is even physically possible, but I'm pretty sure their scale doesn't lie.

The other news is that he had a different take on the aches and pains I've been having. Turns out, alot of times when you have your appendix out, it leaves internal scar tissue at the removal point (I should have written down what he said, because it sounds more scientific then what I'm saying). Anyways, as the stomach grows, that internal scarring tears and rebuilds itself to grow with the stomach. Soooo what that means, the larger my stomach gets, the more the scar tissue will tear itself. So hope for a slow stomach growth for the 2nd half of the pregancy to reduce the issues I've been having. Other than that, he said there is nothing they can do other that be my personal cheerleader to solve the pain problems. I like cheerleaders :)

And we are off to Ikea this weekend to buy baby furniture. Granted the furniture has no place to go yet and will just remain in it's box for a while in our house, it's something we can check off the To Do List

Monday, May 9, 2011

17 weeks

So on Thursday made an impromptu visit to the Doctors office and got to be surprised with getting an extra Ultrasound, so we get to see the little baby again!
Did not know that babies sucked their thumbs at such an earlier age, but I guess they do!
Everyone at work is calling it my little snowman. hehehehe
Anyways, so I'm supposed to be taking it easy for a little bit. No lifting, no exercise, so I will now become the ultimate couch potato.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

4 months in

Back from the checkup at the Dr. She actually had to run over from the hospital as she was delivering another baby but they still had a ways to go.

Looking good.
Weight gain of 1 lb. hehe
Heartbeat of 163

Nausea still in check. She said I'm just one of those unlucky people. It may taper off by week 18, it may not.

Baby is measuring a couple of weeks further along than we should be at this point, but that's consistent with results from the earilier visit. Leading me to believe that conception dating is a totally made up theory and I was right when I thought Oct 8th for the initial due date (though the Dr won't admit that until the next U/S). Still just the one baby in there, so sorry family expecting twins.

Skipped out on all the genetic testing
4 weeks until the next U/S.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 14ish

Alright so as we wind up week 14 and head into week 15, not much is happening right now. Still am taking the anti-nausea pills. I tried going a couple days without it and nearly died.
Our next check-in with the dr is the 26th.

Here is the belly photo for this week.
Still no weight gain though for my concerned family who thought I was putting on a billion pounds really early. Yes there is a belly, so the weight must just be shifting position :)

We bought new flooring for the baby's room. Fake hardwood. It's light oak, and I'm hopeful that the dogs won't be able to scratch it. It looks like the same things grandma and grandpa have and they haven't been able to damage theirs yet :)
So that will eventually go in the room and make the radiant heating that we have under the floors actually useful. Whooohoo. And now it makes the car race track rug that I want actually needed in the room. Double bonus.
However, first we will need to pull up the old carpet and paint the room. That project is still in limbo. 1: we haven't chosen a paint color for the room. 2: I still need to clear out all my stuff that I have piled in there.

The trip to Ikea to get the awesome furniture we are looking at is planned for May. Guess I had better get going on my other tasks so that the furniture will have a place to go :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Gift Registry

We were asked to start an online gift registry. So here it is :) It will be constantly evolving as I think of things, or are told I really need something that I didn't think of.

Click Here to go to the Amazon Baby Registry

There will be another one made at Babies R' Us later on, probably in June. I'll let everyone know when that is up.

Monday, April 4, 2011

3 months in

It's hard to believe we are 3 months in already. We have literally done nothing. Okay that's not completely true, we did price baby furniture at IKEA over the weekend. Super cute stuff. Looks like we will be going with a green theme since we aren't going to find out the sex of the baby and all the furniture was pink, blue or green. I like green. It will go with the nature theme I have in mind for the nursery.

Now to get crackin on actually clearing out the old craft/guest room. Can't start to paint and get everything worked on when there is still stuff in the way.
I'm thinking magnetic chalkboard wall. We will see how $$$ that paint is though at the store. I see high price tags in my head right now.

So I did break down and buy maternity pants over the weekend. They fit better and I think they make the stomach look smaller than it did before. At least people aren't asking me today if I'm sure it's not twins :)
I did have someone come up and rub my belly. I was like, that is not appropriate at this stage. I don't think you can do that until it's like 7ish months preganant. I"m going to have to get one of those shirts that say "touch the belly and die" :)

I quick snapped a picture at work so that you would see what I'm seeing today.

The 1st Gift

Oh goodness, isn't this the cutest Onesie you have ever seen? I was so shocked to get it in the mail. I miss everyone up in Alaska. You guys are great. Especially our Alaskan mom and dad Diane and Mark. Thanks for letting us live with you guys. We miss you!!! Thank you for the awesome gift. I'm not sure if it will be worn or framed and put up in the baby room that we have yet to actually start work on

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 11 Photo

Whoops forgot to put this up yesterday.

Week 11 belly photo update.

You'd be surprised how many people email you asking for a photo update. Super weirdness.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 11 Checkup

Ok so just back from the dr for my normal monthly check in.
Baby's heartbeat is great at 166 beats. We actually got to monitor some movement as well. She said I have a very active little baby.
The best part was the nurse telling me she was thankful I was a skinny person b/c it makes it easier to register the heartbeat and movement this earlier in pregnancy. Hehe, she thinks I"m a skinny person. Totally awesome.

And to my crazy family that is freaking out that I've already put on too much weight.... I've actually lost weight from my 1st appointment. So there! Just because I"m showing more than most people at this far along does not equate to weight gain.
We are measuring a week ahead of schedule so maybe we will have an early October baby instead of a mid October. Who knows.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 9 and the miracle drug

The week 9 belly. We are coming along. Maybe I shouldn't have taken this photo with a bulky sweater on, man my arms look huge!

And let's talk miracle drugs. The only thing between me, my food, and throwing it up.
The doctor got worried when I wasn't able to eat anything and gave me these. Interesting side note, these pills are for chemotherapy patients!
Oh and for the last week I"ve had a raging headache and been trying to figure out what caused it, not until I took this picture did I notice the giant bright red sticker clearly saying "may cause headaches". Duh!
So I guess it's one or the other. Right now I'm taking not throwing up everything. This may change, pending severeness of the headache.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ohhh the bump has started

The bump is here. I had to start telling people much earlier than planned.
I mean how can you hide the belly bump?
This is 2 days shy of week 8 belly bump.
Something tells me it's going to be a big baby! I didn't think you were supposed to be showing already, but oh well :)

First Viewing

Back from our first Ultrasound Visit.
Little baby Ott has a healthy 133 beats per minute heartbeat.
Confirmed due date with the Doctor. October 15th :)
Everything else looked great

The testing begins :)

Today it was official. Not just one test, but actually 3 tests were used just to be sure :)
Happy Valentines Day