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Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 11 Checkup

Ok so just back from the dr for my normal monthly check in.
Baby's heartbeat is great at 166 beats. We actually got to monitor some movement as well. She said I have a very active little baby.
The best part was the nurse telling me she was thankful I was a skinny person b/c it makes it easier to register the heartbeat and movement this earlier in pregnancy. Hehe, she thinks I"m a skinny person. Totally awesome.

And to my crazy family that is freaking out that I've already put on too much weight.... I've actually lost weight from my 1st appointment. So there! Just because I"m showing more than most people at this far along does not equate to weight gain.
We are measuring a week ahead of schedule so maybe we will have an early October baby instead of a mid October. Who knows.

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