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Thursday, July 28, 2011

That's One Big Baby!

Ohh never the words you want to hear the ultrasound tech udder as he is measuring. Then he asked if I was sure about how far along we are. hehe, must be thinking we are further along than we are. In fact all of the points that were measured, measured closer to 32 weeks than the just shy of 29 weeks we were supposed to be at. Am I surprised? Not really.
The doctor was funny, she was like, you aren't a short person, neither is your husband, so you shouldn't expect to have a short baby. Valid point.

So the baby is 3 lbs 11 oz today. We are in the 85th percential for weight. You know some people have to have bigger babies and some people have to have smaller babies to get that whole percential scale. I'm told the test is accurate up to 10%. We are going to have another scan at the end of September to double check the size of the baby.
The c-section option was brought up if the baby gets too big. To be readdressed at the end of Sept.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trimester 3

So here we are entering the 3rd Trimester. The rest is all the downhill slide to October.
Diabetes testing at the doctors office today was fun, if your definition of fun is sitting around for an hour not doing anything waiting in a chair. But the good news is we passed. So that's one hurdle down.
I did actually put on a little weight, so now I'm up 5 lbs. I was actually surprised since the nausea is still there and coming back strong.
The belly is measuring large this week. We are at 31 cm instead of the suggested size of 28sm. Oh wel, what can you do :) I cut my head off in the photo because I was making a weird face and I didn't want to retake the photo.
The doctor I was supposed to see is actually out on Maternity leave, hehe, so I went to a Midwife since I was already there. Let me tell you, I thought the lady was a quack, and that is my professional opinion. I guess I see how the extra education required to be a doctor is worth it. Her response to everything was, ohh you'll have to ask your doctor and I don't know. I guess you can see a midwife only if you have a very normal, non-problematic pregnancy because anything more than that and they are over their heads. So take me off that list. I made a point to schedule with an actual doctor for my next appointment in two weeks.

In other news, baby names have been chosen for either a boy or a girl. Now that I've told you that, I bet you are thinking, okay what are the names.... You will have to wait and see. We aren't sharing. It's not that I don't value everyone insights and opinions on the names.... wait, nope that's exactly what it is. We thought long and hard and debated and have selected. I don't care if you had a great aunt/uncle, 3rd cousin twice removed that knew someone named that back in the day and didn't like them. If that is the case and we name the baby that, you will just need to suck it up and never discuss it with us after the fact. If you don't like the names, we don't ever need to know about it :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Class, Painting and the Ever Growing Belly :)

Painting went well. I was a little worried about the yellow color I choose not going with the green furniture, but it seems to look good. I am actually really happy with the color and it makes the baby room look so much brighter and bigger. I actually didn't realize how dark the other paint was that was in there until I saw the primer on the wall and not the ceiling.
That white wall behind Carol is going to be the chalkboard wall. It is going to be black, but hopefully since it's under all the windows, the room won't get too dark from the black paint.

I felt a bit guilty just standing around and not painting. I know I"m on doctors orders not to exert myself and to limit activity, but I still feel like a lazy bum when other people are doing a bunch of work for me and I'm just sitting there watching. 

We had a full day of baby class on Saturday. Here's the thing, I kinda wanted to sneak out at lunch and not go back. sooooo bad I know. I don't feel like I really learned anything aside from Levi will get to eat for free while I'm in the hospital. I think Levi got some information out of it though, maybe.
 The class was very biased towards the Catholic views, ok yes it's a Catholic hospital, but you would think it would be an unbiased class. Whatever :)
What I did learn is that I am HUGE!!! We got partnered with another couple in the class and she was due in 3 weeks and I was literally the same size if not bigger. In fact, everyone was due way before me and I fit right in. Is our baby just going to be huge? Maybe really tall. Who knows. I can tell you that no one believed I was due the middle of October

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Shower Invitations Out

So the date of the Baby Shower is official and invitations have been sent out in the mail.
I just got my first glance at the invitations on Sunday. August 27th looks promising and fun! I like that spouses and children can come.
It sounds like we are going to try and do another family reunion style event at the shower like we did at our wedding. It will be interesting if the extended family on my side decides to come down. I have a feeling it will be either all or none :) You are all welcome to attend!!!

My boss at work is being funny. I guess there is a conference in Chicago she wants me to go to at the end of August, but she's unsure if I'll actually be still at work and not on bed rest at the time, so it's hard to make a decision to send me or not. My response I guess didn't help, I told her to just book it and if something happens that someone else from our office can go. There are other people that would benefit from the conference :)

And in other news, we are officially actually painting the nursery this weekend. And by we, I mean Levi's parents. Levi and I have baby class all day on Saturday, so his parents are coming out to paint the room and have the fumes all vented out before we get back. I will be curious to see the final product. You know when you choose a paint color off a swatch, it never looks exactly the same once it's on the walls.... And I'm very excited about the chalkboard wall. Not sure if it is still going to be a magnetic chalkboard wall or just chalkboard. But either way, I think it will be a fun addition. Soooo excited they are willing to help out with this stuff. I know we've had the primer for the wall for like a month and literally have not done anything with it. So they are really making sure we have a space ready for the baby :)