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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Starting Room Construction

The flooring has been bought. The start of demolition on the old guest room has now begun. Old carpet pulled up. (side note: 3/4" pad and 1" thick carpet really defeats the purpose of radiant heating)
Sunday was spent listening to Roger curse at our floor as he was laying down the new flooring. (apparently he needed supervision, or at least Twister thought she was the site foreman and kept a close eye on everything to make sure it was being done to code) The phrase they don't make it like they used to would almost be true, if they ever actually made it like this. The person who made our house was clearly on crack or something, because it seems like nothing is done how it should be. Different doesn't mean bad. It's a wacky, yet sturdy construction.
So flooring in, we need to get trim for the edges and the door and the floor will be complete.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Shopping Trip Done

Alright an eventful shopping trip. Like 5 hours at IKEA but we accomplished alot I think.

Big ticket items bought:
Crib and mattress
Changing Table
Closet/dresser comno
Bench with pull out toy storage box
2 Shelves for the wall
Small Area Rug

The closet/dresser combo was the hardest part. Each piece got bought individually, so we could arrange it however we wanted to with limitless options it seemed.

So that's it for big purchases for now.
Relying on the friends and family for the other mandatory larger items at the baby shower. Stroller, car seat, high chair, pack&play :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week 18

Spent a few days home from work last week. It was nice. I wish I could stay home all the time, it's nice not dealing with the vendors on a daily basis.

So I met a different Doctor in my clinic this week. He was very friendly, and since he is one of the on call Dr's at the hospital, it's good to meet him and see someone else who could potentially be delivering the baby.
Additionally I have lost some weight, so am back to pre-pregancy weight. I'm not sure how that is even physically possible, but I'm pretty sure their scale doesn't lie.

The other news is that he had a different take on the aches and pains I've been having. Turns out, alot of times when you have your appendix out, it leaves internal scar tissue at the removal point (I should have written down what he said, because it sounds more scientific then what I'm saying). Anyways, as the stomach grows, that internal scarring tears and rebuilds itself to grow with the stomach. Soooo what that means, the larger my stomach gets, the more the scar tissue will tear itself. So hope for a slow stomach growth for the 2nd half of the pregancy to reduce the issues I've been having. Other than that, he said there is nothing they can do other that be my personal cheerleader to solve the pain problems. I like cheerleaders :)

And we are off to Ikea this weekend to buy baby furniture. Granted the furniture has no place to go yet and will just remain in it's box for a while in our house, it's something we can check off the To Do List

Monday, May 9, 2011

17 weeks

So on Thursday made an impromptu visit to the Doctors office and got to be surprised with getting an extra Ultrasound, so we get to see the little baby again!
Did not know that babies sucked their thumbs at such an earlier age, but I guess they do!
Everyone at work is calling it my little snowman. hehehehe
Anyways, so I'm supposed to be taking it easy for a little bit. No lifting, no exercise, so I will now become the ultimate couch potato.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

4 months in

Back from the checkup at the Dr. She actually had to run over from the hospital as she was delivering another baby but they still had a ways to go.

Looking good.
Weight gain of 1 lb. hehe
Heartbeat of 163

Nausea still in check. She said I'm just one of those unlucky people. It may taper off by week 18, it may not.

Baby is measuring a couple of weeks further along than we should be at this point, but that's consistent with results from the earilier visit. Leading me to believe that conception dating is a totally made up theory and I was right when I thought Oct 8th for the initial due date (though the Dr won't admit that until the next U/S). Still just the one baby in there, so sorry family expecting twins.

Skipped out on all the genetic testing
4 weeks until the next U/S.