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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Starting Room Construction

The flooring has been bought. The start of demolition on the old guest room has now begun. Old carpet pulled up. (side note: 3/4" pad and 1" thick carpet really defeats the purpose of radiant heating)
Sunday was spent listening to Roger curse at our floor as he was laying down the new flooring. (apparently he needed supervision, or at least Twister thought she was the site foreman and kept a close eye on everything to make sure it was being done to code) The phrase they don't make it like they used to would almost be true, if they ever actually made it like this. The person who made our house was clearly on crack or something, because it seems like nothing is done how it should be. Different doesn't mean bad. It's a wacky, yet sturdy construction.
So flooring in, we need to get trim for the edges and the door and the floor will be complete.

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