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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week 20, 1/2 way there!

So a whole assortment of Ultrasound photos for the 20 week measuring session.

Baby measures 16.8 cm long. 15 oz and has a 162 heartbeat.
Body measurements are between 21 and 23 weeks along. Slightly longer arms, so the baby gets to inherit my monkey arms.

The 1st photo was our try at a 3D photo. It was at the end of the US visit and the baby had gotten pissed off at the tech, rolled over and refused to move, so you can kinda make out the crunched in there baby, but you have to stare for a while. I had a couple other photos, but that was the most clear one.

We don't know the gendor. Although I still say boy but I literally have nothing to back that up with and really don't care either way. I personally couldn't tell by looking at the US, but the tech knew.

And somehow I have permanently switched Dr's. Mine has been on vacation so I've been seeing someone else. Well they just went ahead and kept all my future appointments with him since officially I've seen him more than I have the other Dr. It doesn't really matter, and they were both very friendly.
The next appointment isn't for a while. July 14th.

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