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Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 14ish

Alright so as we wind up week 14 and head into week 15, not much is happening right now. Still am taking the anti-nausea pills. I tried going a couple days without it and nearly died.
Our next check-in with the dr is the 26th.

Here is the belly photo for this week.
Still no weight gain though for my concerned family who thought I was putting on a billion pounds really early. Yes there is a belly, so the weight must just be shifting position :)

We bought new flooring for the baby's room. Fake hardwood. It's light oak, and I'm hopeful that the dogs won't be able to scratch it. It looks like the same things grandma and grandpa have and they haven't been able to damage theirs yet :)
So that will eventually go in the room and make the radiant heating that we have under the floors actually useful. Whooohoo. And now it makes the car race track rug that I want actually needed in the room. Double bonus.
However, first we will need to pull up the old carpet and paint the room. That project is still in limbo. 1: we haven't chosen a paint color for the room. 2: I still need to clear out all my stuff that I have piled in there.

The trip to Ikea to get the awesome furniture we are looking at is planned for May. Guess I had better get going on my other tasks so that the furniture will have a place to go :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Gift Registry

We were asked to start an online gift registry. So here it is :) It will be constantly evolving as I think of things, or are told I really need something that I didn't think of.

Click Here to go to the Amazon Baby Registry

There will be another one made at Babies R' Us later on, probably in June. I'll let everyone know when that is up.

Monday, April 4, 2011

3 months in

It's hard to believe we are 3 months in already. We have literally done nothing. Okay that's not completely true, we did price baby furniture at IKEA over the weekend. Super cute stuff. Looks like we will be going with a green theme since we aren't going to find out the sex of the baby and all the furniture was pink, blue or green. I like green. It will go with the nature theme I have in mind for the nursery.

Now to get crackin on actually clearing out the old craft/guest room. Can't start to paint and get everything worked on when there is still stuff in the way.
I'm thinking magnetic chalkboard wall. We will see how $$$ that paint is though at the store. I see high price tags in my head right now.

So I did break down and buy maternity pants over the weekend. They fit better and I think they make the stomach look smaller than it did before. At least people aren't asking me today if I'm sure it's not twins :)
I did have someone come up and rub my belly. I was like, that is not appropriate at this stage. I don't think you can do that until it's like 7ish months preganant. I"m going to have to get one of those shirts that say "touch the belly and die" :)

I quick snapped a picture at work so that you would see what I'm seeing today.

The 1st Gift

Oh goodness, isn't this the cutest Onesie you have ever seen? I was so shocked to get it in the mail. I miss everyone up in Alaska. You guys are great. Especially our Alaskan mom and dad Diane and Mark. Thanks for letting us live with you guys. We miss you!!! Thank you for the awesome gift. I'm not sure if it will be worn or framed and put up in the baby room that we have yet to actually start work on