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Monday, April 4, 2011

3 months in

It's hard to believe we are 3 months in already. We have literally done nothing. Okay that's not completely true, we did price baby furniture at IKEA over the weekend. Super cute stuff. Looks like we will be going with a green theme since we aren't going to find out the sex of the baby and all the furniture was pink, blue or green. I like green. It will go with the nature theme I have in mind for the nursery.

Now to get crackin on actually clearing out the old craft/guest room. Can't start to paint and get everything worked on when there is still stuff in the way.
I'm thinking magnetic chalkboard wall. We will see how $$$ that paint is though at the store. I see high price tags in my head right now.

So I did break down and buy maternity pants over the weekend. They fit better and I think they make the stomach look smaller than it did before. At least people aren't asking me today if I'm sure it's not twins :)
I did have someone come up and rub my belly. I was like, that is not appropriate at this stage. I don't think you can do that until it's like 7ish months preganant. I"m going to have to get one of those shirts that say "touch the belly and die" :)

I quick snapped a picture at work so that you would see what I'm seeing today.

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