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Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 3

So we have officially outgrown our newborn clothing and the great swaddles provided by the hospital. that didn't take very long at all. We are pushing the 0-3 month clothing and really should be wearing our 3-6 month outfits.
Nights have been interesting. Vallyn isn't really enjoying sleeping at night. The last 2 nights we have switched from making him be swaddled and using a fleece jumper with sleeves. He has slept good the last 2 nights in the jumper and hopefully all he wanted was free arms. At least for the last 2 nights we've just gotten up for the 2-3 feedings and then gone back to sleep. Cross your fingers that this is just the start of good sleeping.

We are going to visit our daycare on Wednesday to meet and greet everyone. Apparently they give us 2 -2hr sessions for free before we start going everyday so that Vallyn cane get used to being there and meet everyone. I think that's a great idea. Plus it will give us a chance to go grocery shopping. We are currently still living on the food my mom bought when she was up here a couple weeks ago. It's starting to look really empty in the house.

Caught Twister cuddling up with the baby. Hard to get photos of Twister, she's camera shy. Evie has been bringing him toys when he's crying to try and make him happy (it doesn't work) but is awful cute.