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Monday, September 26, 2011

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches to the nursery. Some awesome shelves are now in place over the changing table. (side note, they are straigher then photoed so they will actually hold stuff. Levi's only got the top hook on the screw in the photo.)
The closet is officially attached to the wall, so you can pull as much as you want, you are not budging that bad boy.
The stuffed animal hammock is officially hung and filled.

And yes I gave in and there are even star wars planes hanging from the ceiling. (only 2 of them though)

Baby Twister is ready for feeding time. She looks really excited and I bet her favorite place will be around the high chair once the baby starts eating/throwing real food.
Ohh the never stopping to grow belly. 19 days left (in theory), I believe I personally am not supposed to get any bigger, just the baby is supposed to grow now.
I've been told it looks like I dropped again. So the 2nd stage in dropping. I don't know, whatever. I guess I see it everyday so I don't notice little changes.

News from the Dr appointment on Friday. He said it looks like anyday now we will have our little baby. He said not to count on making it to October, but we will see how it goes.
Last Chiropractor appointment today before delivery. He just wanted to double check everything was still in line. I have to say, he waaayyyy doesn't charge enough. Got the bill for the other appointments. It's only $35 a visit. Compared to like the hundreds of dollars a visit the other doctors charge, I feel like I'm getting some great bargain with the chiropractor. Granted insurance is paying for everything at this point, but still that seems very low priced :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nursery Photos

So this is our awesome adjustable height crib. Levi picked out the breathable mesh jungle bumper.
I just have to say, it's really hard to put decals on the wall in a straight line. That is my 3rd attempt and I think it still needs some work. I may have to string a line across the wall to have some sort of reference :)

Chalkboard Wall. Works awesome. Side note, need to buy dust free chalk and an eraser next time I go to the store, look at that pile of white dust I made on the floor. Whoops, will have to clean that up.
And I need some sort of curtain time backs :)
 Closet full of clothing. Yes we already need to get that additional closet of drawers I was thinking about. We are okay for now, but next time we are down in IKEA, I"ll have to get it before they stop making stuff in this great green color.
Note stack of diapers piled up against the closet :)

Room Guardian Moo. Usually she is lurking under the changing table, but she took some time out to investigate the jungle carpet and make an appearance.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

36ish weeks in

I am beginning to think I'm not going to make the full 40 weeks. I have a hard time envisioning another 3 1/2 weeks. Ohhhh
Monday was spent at home laying in bed nurseing some bad stomach pains, luckily they only lasted a few hours but still that is too much to not result in anything. Comfort is gone. I'm lucky if I can stay in one position for 10 mins before having to readjust.
And okay I look huge, well at least that is what everyone says. Some lady stopped us when we were grocery shopping on Saturday and was like, wow you totally look like you are going to pop. Here is my question, why would you say that to someone? A lady who was behind her came up to me and was like, wow that was rude. I really didn't care but I totally don't understand the need to randomly stop people as they walk by to tell them stuff. If you don't know somebody, you don't need to talk to them. Like I really value your worthless opinion random person walking around the grocery store.
In other news the nursery is basically done. The chalkboard wall is up. That reminds me, we need to test it out before calling it a day to make sure it doesn't need any more coats of paint. Maybe I'll do that tonight. As long as that is fine, all we need to do is final decoration touches. Some wall decals, stuffed animal hammock, Levi is apparently going to be hanging star wars planes from the ceiling... I'll have to get some photos taken once I put up the decals.
So I'm sitting here eating a Pear, I've been like non-stop eating. Hoping I won't get another lecture from the Dr about losing weight. It's not like I'm doing it on purpose. All I do is eat. The baby just wants to be a chubby little thing when it comes out, so it's zapping all the nutrition right up :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Last Ultrasound!

Here it is. The last ultrasound photo before we get to see the baby in real life. So at almost 36 weeks, we are measuring like a 39 week old. We are also already at 7lbs (see chubby checks above). So that newborn clothing we have will probably fit for like a minute or so. They say the baby gains 1/2lb per week from now until delivery, soooo 4 more weeks until the official date = 2 more pounds.
I do have to say, it looks like the baby has inherited my unwanting to be in photos. The whole ultrasound we alternated from having the hand over the face to the whole arm. So in the photo above it has it's face smashed into its arm. The US tech was surprised because the baby was moving sooooo much but still managed to keep it's face covered. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

35 weeks in, 5 to go

5 weeks left. Whoohooo. I am sooo ready to have this little baby out.
Everyone keeps asking when I'm going and thinks I'm going early. I think the current bets are Sept 27th (the next full moon) and the 17th. Most people actually think I'm not coming back from my Ultrasound on Thursday. I'm going to go in, they are going to see it's a huge baby and do a c-section the same day. hehe, I guess we will see.
This last week was a hard one. I have a cold, and spent the majority of friday laying in bed with an ice pack and apple juice trying to get a break in my fever. If it hadn't gone down, I was going to have to go to the hospital because having a fever over 100 for any length of time is bad. Luckly it broke by the end of the day. I still stayed in bed sleeping until like 5 in the afternoon though. Still having a cough and congestion today.
I'm also told by Levi that once you become pregnant, everything that happens to your body is free game to be talked about with everyone. Like do people really need to know how dialated I am, or how effaced I am? To me, that is not something that anyone needs to know, but apparently I'm the only one that thinks that.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Shower Photos

A couple photos from the baby shower. This is one of me measuring the baby bump in toilet paper. Everyone got to guess and I walked around trying on their guesses. Apparently I look huge because most guesses I could wrap around my stomach more than just once! There were a few people that were very close.
Levi played the safe route and decided to only use 2 sheets of paper. Smart thinking, better wayyyyy undershoot it than go over! (and yes I'm talking to you Jeff who had the longest paper that literally went around me twice)

Slacker boys sat around and played cards instead of joining in on our games. I guess they have to have their own game, not all guys are down with attending a baby shower :) Thanks for coming anyways peeps