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Monday, September 26, 2011

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches to the nursery. Some awesome shelves are now in place over the changing table. (side note, they are straigher then photoed so they will actually hold stuff. Levi's only got the top hook on the screw in the photo.)
The closet is officially attached to the wall, so you can pull as much as you want, you are not budging that bad boy.
The stuffed animal hammock is officially hung and filled.

And yes I gave in and there are even star wars planes hanging from the ceiling. (only 2 of them though)

Baby Twister is ready for feeding time. She looks really excited and I bet her favorite place will be around the high chair once the baby starts eating/throwing real food.
Ohh the never stopping to grow belly. 19 days left (in theory), I believe I personally am not supposed to get any bigger, just the baby is supposed to grow now.
I've been told it looks like I dropped again. So the 2nd stage in dropping. I don't know, whatever. I guess I see it everyday so I don't notice little changes.

News from the Dr appointment on Friday. He said it looks like anyday now we will have our little baby. He said not to count on making it to October, but we will see how it goes.
Last Chiropractor appointment today before delivery. He just wanted to double check everything was still in line. I have to say, he waaayyyy doesn't charge enough. Got the bill for the other appointments. It's only $35 a visit. Compared to like the hundreds of dollars a visit the other doctors charge, I feel like I'm getting some great bargain with the chiropractor. Granted insurance is paying for everything at this point, but still that seems very low priced :)

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