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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ohh a Slow Labor

So here we are. Day 3 of contractions.
Day one wasn't too bad, they were monitored at a steady 5 mins apart. I got sent home to progress on my own and come back the next day.
So Tuesday, day 2, much more painful and constant contractions. Monitored at 2 minutes apart very consistently. Still not dilated enough though. They say the baby itsn't in distress and they would prefer me to just keep progressing at my slow pace and aren't going to intervene to help speed things up until absolutely needed.
So Wednesday, day 3. Still at the same pace. Having a hard time moving, but I am not going back to get monitored today. I'm getting sick of going for an hour, them telling me, yup you are having steady painful contractions that in a normal person should have resulted in a baby by now, but you are weird and your body doesn't want to cooperate. Thanks worthless doctor, I'll just lay here with contractions every 2 minutes for another day again.

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