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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nursery Photos

So this is our awesome adjustable height crib. Levi picked out the breathable mesh jungle bumper.
I just have to say, it's really hard to put decals on the wall in a straight line. That is my 3rd attempt and I think it still needs some work. I may have to string a line across the wall to have some sort of reference :)

Chalkboard Wall. Works awesome. Side note, need to buy dust free chalk and an eraser next time I go to the store, look at that pile of white dust I made on the floor. Whoops, will have to clean that up.
And I need some sort of curtain time backs :)
 Closet full of clothing. Yes we already need to get that additional closet of drawers I was thinking about. We are okay for now, but next time we are down in IKEA, I"ll have to get it before they stop making stuff in this great green color.
Note stack of diapers piled up against the closet :)

Room Guardian Moo. Usually she is lurking under the changing table, but she took some time out to investigate the jungle carpet and make an appearance.

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