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Monday, September 12, 2011

35 weeks in, 5 to go

5 weeks left. Whoohooo. I am sooo ready to have this little baby out.
Everyone keeps asking when I'm going and thinks I'm going early. I think the current bets are Sept 27th (the next full moon) and the 17th. Most people actually think I'm not coming back from my Ultrasound on Thursday. I'm going to go in, they are going to see it's a huge baby and do a c-section the same day. hehe, I guess we will see.
This last week was a hard one. I have a cold, and spent the majority of friday laying in bed with an ice pack and apple juice trying to get a break in my fever. If it hadn't gone down, I was going to have to go to the hospital because having a fever over 100 for any length of time is bad. Luckly it broke by the end of the day. I still stayed in bed sleeping until like 5 in the afternoon though. Still having a cough and congestion today.
I'm also told by Levi that once you become pregnant, everything that happens to your body is free game to be talked about with everyone. Like do people really need to know how dialated I am, or how effaced I am? To me, that is not something that anyone needs to know, but apparently I'm the only one that thinks that.

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