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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Last Ultrasound!

Here it is. The last ultrasound photo before we get to see the baby in real life. So at almost 36 weeks, we are measuring like a 39 week old. We are also already at 7lbs (see chubby checks above). So that newborn clothing we have will probably fit for like a minute or so. They say the baby gains 1/2lb per week from now until delivery, soooo 4 more weeks until the official date = 2 more pounds.
I do have to say, it looks like the baby has inherited my unwanting to be in photos. The whole ultrasound we alternated from having the hand over the face to the whole arm. So in the photo above it has it's face smashed into its arm. The US tech was surprised because the baby was moving sooooo much but still managed to keep it's face covered. 

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