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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Shower Invitations Out

So the date of the Baby Shower is official and invitations have been sent out in the mail.
I just got my first glance at the invitations on Sunday. August 27th looks promising and fun! I like that spouses and children can come.
It sounds like we are going to try and do another family reunion style event at the shower like we did at our wedding. It will be interesting if the extended family on my side decides to come down. I have a feeling it will be either all or none :) You are all welcome to attend!!!

My boss at work is being funny. I guess there is a conference in Chicago she wants me to go to at the end of August, but she's unsure if I'll actually be still at work and not on bed rest at the time, so it's hard to make a decision to send me or not. My response I guess didn't help, I told her to just book it and if something happens that someone else from our office can go. There are other people that would benefit from the conference :)

And in other news, we are officially actually painting the nursery this weekend. And by we, I mean Levi's parents. Levi and I have baby class all day on Saturday, so his parents are coming out to paint the room and have the fumes all vented out before we get back. I will be curious to see the final product. You know when you choose a paint color off a swatch, it never looks exactly the same once it's on the walls.... And I'm very excited about the chalkboard wall. Not sure if it is still going to be a magnetic chalkboard wall or just chalkboard. But either way, I think it will be a fun addition. Soooo excited they are willing to help out with this stuff. I know we've had the primer for the wall for like a month and literally have not done anything with it. So they are really making sure we have a space ready for the baby :)

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