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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Class, Painting and the Ever Growing Belly :)

Painting went well. I was a little worried about the yellow color I choose not going with the green furniture, but it seems to look good. I am actually really happy with the color and it makes the baby room look so much brighter and bigger. I actually didn't realize how dark the other paint was that was in there until I saw the primer on the wall and not the ceiling.
That white wall behind Carol is going to be the chalkboard wall. It is going to be black, but hopefully since it's under all the windows, the room won't get too dark from the black paint.

I felt a bit guilty just standing around and not painting. I know I"m on doctors orders not to exert myself and to limit activity, but I still feel like a lazy bum when other people are doing a bunch of work for me and I'm just sitting there watching. 

We had a full day of baby class on Saturday. Here's the thing, I kinda wanted to sneak out at lunch and not go back. sooooo bad I know. I don't feel like I really learned anything aside from Levi will get to eat for free while I'm in the hospital. I think Levi got some information out of it though, maybe.
 The class was very biased towards the Catholic views, ok yes it's a Catholic hospital, but you would think it would be an unbiased class. Whatever :)
What I did learn is that I am HUGE!!! We got partnered with another couple in the class and she was due in 3 weeks and I was literally the same size if not bigger. In fact, everyone was due way before me and I fit right in. Is our baby just going to be huge? Maybe really tall. Who knows. I can tell you that no one believed I was due the middle of October

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