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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trimester 3

So here we are entering the 3rd Trimester. The rest is all the downhill slide to October.
Diabetes testing at the doctors office today was fun, if your definition of fun is sitting around for an hour not doing anything waiting in a chair. But the good news is we passed. So that's one hurdle down.
I did actually put on a little weight, so now I'm up 5 lbs. I was actually surprised since the nausea is still there and coming back strong.
The belly is measuring large this week. We are at 31 cm instead of the suggested size of 28sm. Oh wel, what can you do :) I cut my head off in the photo because I was making a weird face and I didn't want to retake the photo.
The doctor I was supposed to see is actually out on Maternity leave, hehe, so I went to a Midwife since I was already there. Let me tell you, I thought the lady was a quack, and that is my professional opinion. I guess I see how the extra education required to be a doctor is worth it. Her response to everything was, ohh you'll have to ask your doctor and I don't know. I guess you can see a midwife only if you have a very normal, non-problematic pregnancy because anything more than that and they are over their heads. So take me off that list. I made a point to schedule with an actual doctor for my next appointment in two weeks.

In other news, baby names have been chosen for either a boy or a girl. Now that I've told you that, I bet you are thinking, okay what are the names.... You will have to wait and see. We aren't sharing. It's not that I don't value everyone insights and opinions on the names.... wait, nope that's exactly what it is. We thought long and hard and debated and have selected. I don't care if you had a great aunt/uncle, 3rd cousin twice removed that knew someone named that back in the day and didn't like them. If that is the case and we name the baby that, you will just need to suck it up and never discuss it with us after the fact. If you don't like the names, we don't ever need to know about it :)

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