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Monday, August 15, 2011

60ish Days and Counting

 So Last week ended nicely. My coworkers surprised me with a baby shower, which was very nice and totally unexpected.
Pizza, salad, of course Cheese and Sausage Trays and then these super cute cupcakes with sucker handles. (they were sooo tasty) I ate way too much food and I'm sure it all went to the baby, so lets see how big we can make it!

Let's not forget the great presents. The Homemade quilt, the diaper genie, lots of cute outfits and toys just to name a few. We had to really condense down the bags to get them to fit in my car.
I did find it odd that all the clothing was for 6 month old babies so I asked why, because I guess I was expecting a bunch of newborn clothing. No one here thinks I'm going to have a baby that fits into new born clothing. Hahahaha, that's what I get for asking.

And the belly for the start of the week. Still just as large as ever. I do find I have a little waddle now and am getting myself stuck when I sit on the floor. I kinda feel like a turtle trying to get up by myself. Luckly most of the time Levi is there to pull me up.

Had another visit with the chiropractor who said I'm all nicely aligned now. He wants to check it out towards the end of Sept just to double check before the baby comes, but it looks good. Also I was convinced by my mother that I was developing a hump on my back, the chiropractor said he perfers to deal with real problems instead of imaginary concerns so to tell my mother she's crazy (ok, he totally did not say that, but I think he would have if he wasn't so professional)

What else happened? Oh I was advised that it is inproper and basically insulting to open baby presents that come in the mail before the shower, so I will no longer be doing that. So anyone that sends anything, it will sit unopened in a pile to be opened with witnesses at the appropriate time. Sorry if I insulted anyone, I like opening stuff :) It won't happen again, probably...

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! Look how preggy you are! How exciting! :)