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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Scheduling my Life away

Back form my biweekly Dr appointment. Scheduled the rest of my appointments. I'm now all booked up until October 14th. It seems like there is something like every week. That's probably because starting in September I go every week :)
I talked the Dr into only one more Ultrasound to check the size of the baby. She wanted to do 2 more, but really, I think I've had enough of them. Don't want to turn our baby into some 3 armed creature just to double check the size. So the LAST ultrasound is scheduled for 9/15. I'm sure it will show a perfectly healthy, normal sized little squash.
Presents are starting to come in the mail for the baby shower. I really like coming home from work and seeing boxes sitting out in front of our door. Yay to presents!!! I couldn't decide if I was allowed to open them before the shower or if we should wait, so we just opened them. hehehe

That's it for this week. Recovering from Ottaplosia where I managed to get a 3rd degree sunburn on my leg. Blast driving in a car without doors. I forgot that you then need to put sunblock on when driving!

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